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Iconz Experience offers the ultimate UK Soccer Tours, ideal for academies, youth teams and their families. Our coaching staff are exclusively all current or former EPL/EFL soccer players and/or coaches.

Why choose Iconz Experience?

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  • UK soccer tours led by a team of current and former Premier League soccer players.

  • The opportunity to play and train with some of the most talented players and coaches in England at  elite-level facilities.

  • Experience how the game is diverse in terms of coaching and playing styles in different countries.

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  • Enjoy professional training methods from elite soccer players.

  • Play games against professional and local teams.

  • Sightseeing opportunities including visiting London and other attractions.

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A bespoke package combined with intense football activities, as well as cultural trips, will be provided to your group. To get the most out of your visit, practice sessions and games will be scheduled to deliver the ultimate football experience. Your tour includes games, which will be against EPL or Championship clubs where possible along with a host of local teams.


Iconz Experience has an extensive network of professional coaches and as a result enjoy well-established links with some of the biggest clubs in the UK.


Training is an integral part of learning; your group will receive professional training by current and former EPL/EFL and International soccer players and coaches. In order to get the most of the tour you will also have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself within English football culture by visiting various notorious stadiums along with an audience with a number of EPL/EFL Guest Speakers throughout the duration of your stay, all drawing on their own experiences in the game.

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Experience the English passion for football with trips to some of the most iconic stadiums in the country.

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Training drives development.

Games provide opportunity.

We offer the unique Iconz Experience.


Iconz Experience 

UK || + 44 7738 908285

US || +1 (321) 402-3712



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